Happy World Fertility Day from the team at Inspire IVF.

Inspire IVF对即将到来11月2日的World Fertility Day表示祝贺。

“试管婴儿之父” 罗伯特 爱德华教授 和 体外受精的发明者 帕特里克 斯特普托博士(IVF:试管婴儿)他们在剑桥大学共同创建了著名的波恩诊所(Bourn Hall Clinic)。如果没有这两位对辅助生殖技术做出贡献就不会有今天。

Inspire IVF愿每一位父母在未来的日子里都能幸福。

Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, talks about why she’s supporting World Fertility Day

When my mum gave birth to me in 1978 it brought to an end a nine year desire to have a baby of her own.

She was bringing up my sister Sharon, who was my father’s child by a previous relationship. Some people felt that should be enough for her. It wasn’t. The doctors told her she only had a million to one chance. She thought that was at least a chance.

Before I was born she made tough train journeys from Bristol to Manchester, once bleeding and afraid on her own. She had a fear of needles, but she endured countless injections after being accepted on the pioneering programme by Patrick Steptoe and Bob Edwards.

Mum never gave up hope

She always believed that one day she would hold her baby in her arms. It was tough. Mum suffered from depression. But she persevered and I was born, by a method that had never worked before.

Forty years later we have come a long, long way in fertility treatment but for the men and women involved it is still a personal and often lonely journey.

That is why I am pleased to support World Fertility Day as it is aimed at getting people talking.

People can learn from each other’s experiences; encourage each other, spread hope and with the help of the many experts and specialists also taking part get answers to questions they have.

It is a day for everyone worldwide to rekindle their hope for the future and raise awareness of this issue that affects millions of people worldwide.

Credit and more information :https://www.worldfertilityday.com/louise-brown-the-worlds-first-ivf-baby-talks-about-why-shes-supporting-world-fertility-day/