Inspire IVF Clinic is a modern comprehensive infertility treatment center Located in Sukhumvit area. Central Bangkok provides comprehensive assisted reproductive technology for men. Women and spouses who want to receive treatment. Our goal is to sincerely care for and treat everyone and lead with them. Your dream is our greatest success.

Inspire IVF clinic is designed for the convenience of customers. We focus on every detail of customer satisfaction, including: From consultation, consultation and embryo chromosome screening, appointment of experts for friendly consultation. Carrier screening, frozen germ cell preservation It includes various procedures related to reproductive technology treatment, as well as staff with experience in the field of in vitro fertilization. Our goal is to ensure that all patients receive the highest level of satisfaction. All information is correct and complete.

Our clinic has in vitro fertilization laboratory and gene testing room certified by international clean air standards. In addition, the laboratory equipment is internationally recognized. The clinic follows strict procedures, procedures and measures. Constantly update tools to ensure every step You will get the best results at Inspire IVF. We have an egg collection room and a rehabilitation room. The gene laboratory and embryo culture laboratory have the same cleaning standards, covering the clean room system. It has internationally recognized air quality.

Our genetics laboratory is able to perform preimplantation genetic abnormalities (PGT) to select embryos that are free of disease and have normal chromosomes before embryos are transferred back to the uterus, such as The abnormal number of chromosomes was determined by PGT-A/SR by SNP array technique for chromosome number and arrangement abnormalities, and PGT-A by NGS for chromosome abnormalities. Chromosome number and PGT-M by Karyomapping technique to detect abnormalities at the gene level for couples with a history of genetic diseases. These examination technologies can help increase the chances of getting pregnant and having a normal child. It also reduces the miscarriage rate due to genetic abnormalities of the baby.

Impressive customer service is at the heart of Inspire IVF Clinic to create a tailored fertility treatment plan for each couple wishing to undergo the service.

Inspire IVF Clinic is a business established and managed by Thai people. Obtained a license from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Thailand as a Center for assisting infertility by assisted reproductive technologies.