Why deposit eggs? Interesting facts that women want to have children but are not ready

Why deposit eggs? Interesting facts that women want to have children but are not ready

What is egg deposit? Eggs freezing or Oocyte cryopreservation is the preservation of eggs which are female reproductive cells. Healthy, reproductive eggs were frozen in a laboratory using liquid nitrogen at a temperature of about -195 °C, causing the cells to stop functioning rapidly to prevent ice crystals from destroying them. This makes it possible to maintain the efficiency of cells in their original condition.

Using eggs during puberty can reduce the risk of a baby being born with the disorder. Because with age, eggs may have abnormal chromosomes. and when it’s time to be ready to have children The egg will be mixed with sperm (external fertilization) when the embryo is then brought back to be implanted in the uterine wall. fertilization and develop into an embryo in the wom

Eggs are suitable for

  • women who are not ready to get pregnant Especially people over the age of 35
  • are being treated for cancer. Cancer treatments can affect the female reproductive system, such as chemotherapy or radiation. that affect the number and quality of egg cells including some who had to have their ovaries removed Depositing eggs makes it possible to plan for fertility after cancer treatment.
  • The family had a history of early menopause. That is, earlier than age 47-50. If you have a family history before, you also have a chance of early menopause. making the length of time able to conceive shorter than others
  • have a genetic problem with the ovaries It is a problem that causes the ovaries to deteriorate quickly, such as Turner syndrome (Turner syndrome), Fragile X syndrome, etc.,
  • requiring surgery on the ovaries, such as ovarian cyst surgery. ovarian tumor chocolate cyst
  • have health problems that may affect the reproductive system, such as the possibility of endometriosis Endometriosis with chocolate cyst. In this case, you should seek further advice from your doctor regarding ovulation.
  • In vitro pediatric method (IVF) is ineffective, in case of IVF method Men can’t ejaculate. There is no sperm in the semen. or insufficient sperm count Your doctor will recommend an egg-laying method instead.


With innovation in this era, there is always development. Therefore, ovulation is another option for women who are planning to have children but are not ready for a number of factors and are highly successful in conceiving.